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Contacter Maupiti Diving

Contacts Maupiti Diving

Yannick & Nelly

BP 65
98732 Maupiti

If you have any questions, or wish to book your dives, call us or send an e-mail! info@maupitidiving.com
+689 40 67 83 80

Thank you for leaving your contact details, any relevant diving experience and accreditation. Remember to provide us with the dates you will be staying in Maupiti and in which accommodation you have booked.

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How the dives are organized?

Maupiti Diving will call you where you are staying the evening prior to your first dive to confirm a suitable pick up time for the following day. We will also inform you of the equipment you will need.
The D day, we will come to pick you up by car or by boat at your accommodation, with all the equipment required for the dive. After, we will drop you off at your preferred destination (main island, accommodation, restaurant).

Do i need to book my dive in advance?

Maupiti Diving only has room for 5 divers, so an early booking is essential to reserve your place on board.

Do you offer two-tank dives?

Yes, but on a case by case basis, depending on bookings and weather conditions permitting, and subject to a 24 hour forecast.

I leave Maupiti by the sunday afternoon flight, can i dive sunday morning?

No, you can’t. Even if we dive in shallow water and the altitude of inter-island flights is lower than international flights, we will not risk your safety by allowing you to dive the same day as your flight. A minimum of 12 hours must elapse between the end of the dive and your inter-island flight.

If i have an accident, how do i get help?

Our boat is equipped with a first aid kit and a bottle of O2 for immediate care. If worrying problem, we take you directly to the clinic where a doctor will establish a diagnosis, and, depending on the urgency and gravity, contact the Ta'aone hospital in Tahiti to undertake rapid medical evacuation by special air ressources. The hospital has a Ta'aone Crew hyperbaric chamber. Emergency specially trained team can intervene at any time. The Ta'aone hospital has an hyperbaric chamber and a specially trained emergency team that can be deployed at any time.

Is Maupiti Diving part of a Scuba Diving Pass?

Yes, Maupiti Diving is a partner of e-diving pass. We also offers a discount for 10 dives for 60 000 CFP that divers within the same family or group of friends can share.

We travel as a family, and we would like our children to be babysat so we can dive together. Do you offer a babysitting service?

Please enquire at your accommodation first if you need a babysitter. If no service is offered, we will put you in contact with a local nanny.