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Go Diving in Maupiti

ti-coulouc partit pour une plongée !

The journey begins aboard The Ti Coulouc, a poti marara 19 feet long. Traditionnaly used by Polynesian fishermen, this boat was specially designed for diving and can carry up to 6 people. In the interest of safety and comfort, we limit the diving teams to 4 divers ocean side, 5 divers at the Manta point (plus the guide).

The first immersion and the dives with Manta rays occur within the lagoon. 15 to 30 mins of navigation are needed to reach the ocean side diving spot, accessible with CMAS level 1 or PADI Open Water.

ti-decouvrir les coraux de maupiti

The lagoon of Maupiti is open to the ocean by a single pass, considered as one of the most dangerous in French Polynesia. Indeed, the orientation of the swell and the wind can make it difficult to go outside the lagoon, particularly during the mara’amu period (strong winds from May to October). Dives on the outer slope are therefore subject to current weather conditions and will be confirmed the day before the scheduled release.

In Maupiti, we take our time ! Dives are planned according to your level and the weather conditions. The diving teams, intimate and friendly (2 to 5 people) allow convivial exploration, especially since you don’t have to carry the tanks : the equipment is prepared and checked in the boat before your arrival !

For certified divers

exploration en plongée à maupiti

We offer 2 kinds of dives : the Manta rays, inside the lagoon (see here), and the ocean-side dives.

Diving ocean side reveals the beauty of Polynesian underwater wildlife and flora. The landscape of the west coast, formed by faults and canyons, is recovering slowly from the ravages of cyclone Oli. The east coast, remarkable for its steep walls in the blue and for its coral are paricularly well preserved.
The excellent water visibility allows us to observe reef fish such as parrots, Pterois, soldiers, surgeons, trigger ... It is not uncommon to see napoleons, barracuda, kingfish, tuna and eagle rays or grey sharks on the outer slope of Maupiti.

ti-decouvrir les coraux de maupiti

Since July 2018, first star CMAS and Open Water Diver
(WRSTC : PADI, SSI, ...) could dive at a maximum depth of 20m.

Discover Scuba Diving

exploration en plongée à maupiti

You will discover diving inside the lagoon in a perfect site for a first immersion. You will learn to breathe under water against a background of sand at a depth of 2m. You will discover the fauna and flora of the lagoon of Maupiti and the basics of scuba diving along the sandy slope that leads us to 5m. Large coral heads scattered on the sand plain are full of multicolored fishes, small shrimps, and pipefishes (fishes of the seahorses family).

exploration en plongée à maupiti

must be at least 10 years old, in good health, not pregnant.


exploration en plongée à maupiti

A training with Maupiti Diving is not just about exercices ! In each of our courses, as soon as your level allows, we take you to dive with Manta rays !

All courses offered by Diving Maupiti are internationally recognized :
- CMAS : ANMP (from 1 star to 3 stars)
- WRSTC : PADI (Scuba Diver, Open Water Diver, Advanced Open Water Diver, Rescue Diver).

Level 1 CMAS allows to dive to 20m depth along with a guide, Level 4 minimum. 4 dives are required to achieve the level 1. In general, we get through it over 3 days: 2 sessions of half-day and one full day. During the full day of training we took the opportunity to come back on the most important points of the theoretical training booklet, that we send by e-mail once the course is booked.

Padi Open Water allows to dive to 18m depth (20m in French Polynesia) in the company of another Open Water. However, we advise Open Water divers to gain experiences before jumping into the water without a more experienced guide! 5 dives and a half day for the theory are necessary to obtain the Open Water. You’ll also need to read and understand the e-learning Padi diver to pass the final examination (MCQ). We recommend a stay of at least a week on the island to peacefully pass the Open Water while keeping time to discover Maupiti.

A current certificate of medical fitness is obligatory for courses.

Contact us for more information!

formation CMAS & PADI à Maupiti