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Maupiti is part of the Leeward Islands in the Society Islands. It was discovered in 1722 by the Dutch Roggeveen, 50 years before Tahiti, but because of its remoteness and difficult maritime access, it will long remain immune to European interest.


Maupiti is one of the most beautiful islands of French Polynesia, away from mass tourism. Here, you won’t find any hotels but charming guesthouses perfectly integrated into the landscape. It is a small island, and you'll quickly find your bearings.

Maupiti and its lagoon offers a multitude of activities for young and old, adventurous or for those who just want to relax.


Landward on the main island you can rent a bike to get around the island (11km of flat road, except for the Traversée, which is better to climb and descend on foot).

Most athletes will be rewarded with an impressive panorama after climbing Mount Teurafaatui (372m), and a good Hinano (Polynesian beer) at Tarona restaurant, which is located at the bottom of the mountain.

For those interested in the story of Maupiti, they will be guided by Albert (phone : 40 67 83 64), a local storyteller, through the Polynesian legends to discover the secrets of this island.


Serious shoppers will be disappointed, but they can find a pearl necklace or a penu (symbolic pestle in Maupiti) in one of the craft stores.

The more curious will probably meet Ah-Ky at the corner of his coral home. This complete artist rose to fame in the 80s as a singer and successful composer. He willingly opens his door to passing visitors and never hesitates to push the song.

On the sea side, Tereia beach is like paradise, perfect for relaxing, a snack at Mimi or to capture your holidays in Maupiti by a photo shoot with Nelly Maupiti Photographie !
But it is near the motu (islets) that fans of snorkelling will head under the water. And for those who want to dive, you know who to contact!


Most importantly, take the time to appreciate the kindness of the locals, who greatly contribute to the fine reputation of Maupiti!


Come to Maupiti


The island is served year-round by air on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday, and according to the season, Monday and Wednesday. Maupiti is part of the multi-island tours offered by Air Tahiti.

There are 2 areas for sailboat to anchor: one between motu Tuanai and the village on main island, the second is just after the motu Pitihahe, along the sand bank. Take a look at weather forecast to ensure that the conditions allow to reach the lagoon of Maupiti safely.

Since october 2020, the Maupiti Express resumed its Bora-Bora - Maupiti connections by boat. Leave Bora-Bora on tuesday morning and back on thursday afternoon. Information by mail : maupitiexpress@mail.pf or by phone : (689) 40 67 66 69.
Tahiti Air Charter link Maupiti to Bora-Bora and Raiatea since 2020 : TAC.pf

Accommodation in Maupiti


There are no hotels in Maupiti, but many guesthouses and some AirBnB ready to welcome you during your stay on the island.

List of pensions located on main island, pick up by car

Chez Ludo
Moyra & Ludo
40 67 84 07
Chez Ludo

Chez Manu
40 67 82 32

Espace Beach
Françoise & Jean-Pierre
40 67 80 29
Espace Beach Espace Beach

Maupiti Résidence
Alain & Nyoung
40 67 82 61
Maupiti ResidenceMaupiti Residence

Rose & Phirmin
40 67 82 13

I Love You Maupiti
Lovaina & Ahoni
87 30 10 71
I Love You Maupiti

Elgine & Jacques
40 67 82 78

Sandra & Kete
40 67 62 02
Teria Pension Tereia

Tautiare Village
Dawn & Vetea
40 60 15 90
Tautiare Village Tautiare Village

Luana & Rudy
87 71 97 97

Tehei & Cliff
40 67 81 45
Teheimana Teheimana

Maupiti Camping
Mihi & Enoch
87 26 48 59
Maupiti Camping

Sunset Beach
Nahei & Leo
87 72 21 97
Sunset Beach

Gladys & Vatea
87 27 51 68

87 21 48 23

Moearii lodge
87 78 92 17

Tuera lodge
87 79 63 10

Fare Maupiti Belvedere
87 33 39 99
Fare Maupiti Belvedere

List of pensions located on motu, pick up by boat *

Motu Tiapaa
Philomène & Jean-Marie
40 60 15 35

Motu Tiapaa
Taupe & Mario
87 25 41 38
Taumatatea Taumatatea

Motu Tiapaa
Anne-Marie & Camille
40 67 82 23

Maupiti Village
Motu Tiapaa
Ondine & Poé
40 67 80 08
Maupiti Village

Motu Tiapaa
Vairea & Sem
87 30 80 29

Maupiti Holiday *
Motu Tuanai
Marereva & Tearama
87 70 56 09
Maupiti HolidayMaupiti Holiday

Terama *
Motu Tuanai
Melissa & Marc
87 71 03 33
TeramaPae AO

Fare Pae Ao **
Motu Pae Ao
Lahaina & Nelson
40 67 81 01
Pae AO Pae AO

Motu Pitiahe
87 32 18 58

Motu Tiapaa

* The motu Tuanai and his sand bank is a dfficult access for our boat. You will have to walk in water for about 100m to reach the boat.
** Here again the shallow water to reach the pension can make it complicated for us. So, we will pick you up at the pension before the morning dive and drop you off on the main island (snack, restaurant, ...) after the dive and you will have to organize your way back to the motu with the pension.

Pensions Maupiti